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Christmas Scripts

Another Boring Night Shift

Two rather posh sounding 'airmen' (actually angels) are on a night shift when a (modern-day) version of the nativity takes place in front of them.

Another Boring Night Shift 2

Two 'airmen' (actually angels) are on duty when a (modern-day) version of the nativity takes place in front of them.This skit is written in the style of the  'Armstrong and Miller' airmen sketches, using 'street vocabulary' with posh accents...

Bob, the seeker after truth

An alien lands in England on Christmas day and tries to work out why the family at 10 Cypress Gardens is having a celebratory meal.

Christmas at Uppity Abbey

Any resemblance to a well-known UK TV series based around an aristocratic family living in an abbey in the north of England in the early part of the 20th century is entirely deliberate...This sketch imagines what might have happened if Christ had been born nearby. 

F-News Bulletin Version 2

This Christmas sketch was added in the year that one English language dictionary listed the term 'Fake news' for the first time.

It's What It's All About

Two colleagues discuss the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, Mary and Joseph make their way to Bethlehem...

Mary's Thoughts: Luke 1 vv.26 - 38

I have tried to imagine how Mary – a young, unmarried village girl - would really have felt about becoming the mother of Jesus.

Nativity Play

A possible framework for a nativity play suitable for church or school.

The Barman at the Inn

The events of the Nativity seen through the eyes of a fictional - overworked - barman at the inn.

The X-Mas Factor

A 'Christian' take on a popular TV talent show with one or two familiar characters...

Who put the lights out?

With a deliberate nod to a well-known UK TV comedy series, this sketch is a very light-hearted attempt to illustrate John 1 verse 5: 'The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it'.